Ward 1 – Sarah Redshaw

At such a crucial time in human history I think it is vital to work with community strengths and connections. It is imperative that we minimise the damage to our world heritage area from climate change, indiscriminate development, increasing road transport and waste. We must increase our use of renewable energy, rail for freight, recycling of waste, and demand measured, sustainable development.

I am very keen to contribute to our local government and to work with others with shared values towards increasing community sustainability and resilience. How we interact and live within our environment is key. I have worked on campaigns to elect green candidates to Blue Mountains council in the past and I am aware of the range of community activities occurring in the Blue Mountains to preserve and enhance our lifestyle. There are real opportunities to work constructively with council on existing initiatives and to develop further positive responses to future challenges and I would like to play a part in facilitating this process.

I have been part of the Blue Mountains community for nearly 30 years, 5 years in Katoomba. I have taught ethics in primary schools and trained volunteer teachers and am involved in Landcare. I have been an activist all my adult life marching in Reclaim the Night and Anzac Day protests, for recognition of Aboriginal sovereignty and protesting at Roxby Downs and Pine Gap as well as for environment and climate change actions. As a social researcher I have run projects with various community partners and focused on community resilience and care for those most vulnerable.

Authorised by D. Hayden for The Greens NSW, 19A/1 Hordern Place Camperdown NSW 2050