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A Sustainable Blue Mountains – Our Plan for the Blue Mountains 
Villages not sprawl
“We must have a Council that will protect our villages and towns from over-development.” The Greens will ensure the village character of our towns and communities are maintained. We will be an active voice for community-friendly planning that protects our built and natural heritage and puts people before profit.
Growing local businesses and local jobs
“Increasing our local jobs base will help shorten those long traffic jams.” Council has a leadership role in the local economy. Whether it is tourism or retail, hospitality or industry, Council can support local businesses to thrive.
Cycleways and footpaths
“We need to be building more cycleways and footpaths to link our villages.” Cyclists are forced to navigate roads, some heavily trafficked, some gravel. With cycle tourism so popular, The Greens plan to create cycleways to help connect our communities.
No Western Sydney Airport
“We must convince governments to invest in High Speed Rail.” The Greens are the only political party whose policy is to oppose Western Sydney Airport. Voting Green will ensure there is a strong voice on Council to oppose the airport and promote building High Speed Rail instead.
Targeting Zero Emissions
“Real action on tackling global warming has never been more important.” Make Blue Mountains Council carbon neutral by 2020 with a renewable energy target of at least 30%. The Greens-led Byron Bay Council is making policies to achieve this. Let’s beat them to it!
Caring for our community

“I want my kids to grow up in a place where they are part of a vibrant community.” The Greens will ensure Council’s support of local events and make it easier for community groups to gather in public places.

Greens Slam EIS ‘Inaccuracies’

Greens spokesperson for the Lower Blue Mountains, Joel MacRae, has slammed the Western Sydney Airport Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and called for it to be withdrawn, or its consultation period extended, forthwith.

“Recent revelations that the EIS fudged the carbon emission numbers mean its credibility has to come under serious question.

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Liberal Party Deceit Over Airport

Failed Prime Minister Tony Abbott sought to ‘slip around’ UNESCO when he announced the second Sydney Airport in April 2014.

Knowing full well how adjacent Badgerys Creek was to the Blue Mountains World Heritage Site (8 kms), Abbott pushed ahead with his bald announcement to develop the site for Airport purposes. The Murdoch media immediately became a cheer-squad for rapid development so that opposition could be steamrolled.

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Badgerys Creek Airport will kill people and damage young people's health

Lives at risk from Airport—EIS

Despite piles of spin, denial and weasel talk throughout, the Western Sydney Airport Environmental Impact Statement could not avoid admitting future lives would be lost as a result of the airport.

The admission happens on pages 34 and 35 of the ‘Executive Summary’, amidst a lot of words about ‘acceptable risks’ from air, noise and water pollution coming from the airport and talk of ‘hospital admissions over 1,000 years’ as if to dismiss health fears. The EIS does not stipulate the exact range of its research nor the all-important connections between these factors and disease.

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