Blue Mountains Local Greens State Delegates Council SDC Meeting…

Meets every second month to prepare for the SDC

What is an SDC?

The Greens NSW State Delegates Council (SDC) is held every two months in different urban and regional locations, giving all members the opportunity to attend at some stage.

At SDC Greens NSW policies, structure, campaigns and other issues are proposed, discussed and decided-on using a consensus decision-making model. The SDC is the highest decision-making authority in the NSW party. Workshops are also held on any number of issues and provide an opportunity for members to contribute to the discussion.

Every Local Group in NSW can send delegates to the SDC. Delegates from each Local Group are chosen by the group to reflect the groups’ views and decisions. The delegates then represent the Local Group decision to the SDC, which makes state decisions.

Whether you are a nominated delegate or not, all members are welcome and encouraged to attend and participate in the SDC and see grassroots democracy in action. Drop in for an hour or stay for the weekend.

Information about SDC

Information about the location and agenda of upcoming SDCs, policy decisions and minutes of previous SDCs can be found on the Members’ Website. Your Local Group or The Greens NSW office can help you access the members website.

Any Greens member may put forward a proposal or item of discussion on the SDC agenda, with the endorsement of their Local Group. Your Local Group or The Greens NSW office can help you with this