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Liberal Party Deceit Over Airport

Failed Prime Minister Tony Abbott sought to ‘slip around’ UNESCO when he announced the second Sydney Airport in April 2014.

Knowing full well how adjacent Badgerys Creek was to the Blue Mountains World Heritage Site (8 kms), Abbott pushed ahead with his bald announcement to develop the site for Airport purposes. The Murdoch media immediately became a cheer-squad for rapid development so that opposition could be steamrolled.

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Why We Must Stop Badgerys Creek Airport


The madness of building yet another carbon-belching airport in the Sydney Basin is becoming more apparent every day, as more and more requirements to make it work become clear and the underlying environmental hazards are spelled out. At worst we will get an aerial rubbish dump with inadequate  infrastructure and a drain on the public purse, at best 24/7 additional air and noise pollution with questionable jobs benefit and a massive increase in vehicular traffic density in western Sydney and the Blue Mountains…

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Greens Say No To Airport at Badgerys Creek

The Blue Mountains Greens have joined Blue Mountains Conservation Society at a recent information day to oppose plans for a second major Sydney airport at Badgerys Creek. The fear is that a little publicised “Information Day” held in Springwood last Thursday was an attempt by the Federal Government to pass the event off as public consultation.

“A second airport in the Sydney Basin is bad development.” says Greens spokesman for the lower Blue Mountains, Joel McRae, “We are going to be outclassed by Japan, China and Indonesia all of whom realise that bullet trains are not pie in the sky but a fast, safe and comfortable alternative to the old way of doing things.

“The state and federal Governments are presenting this airport as done and dusted. It is not. Today, we saw a room full of consultants and exhibits with sweeping statements about passenger numbers and jobs but no airport plan or Environmental Impact statement.”

Mayor Greenhill explained that he boycotted the event in protest. Exit polling of those who attended the event found that 85% were opposed to the project following attendance at the information day. Follow the story in more detail at the Blue Mountains Gazette e-edition: Blue Mountains Gazette story.