Badgerys Creek Airport will kill people and damage young people's health

Lives at risk from Airport—EIS

Despite piles of spin, denial and weasel talk throughout, the Western Sydney Airport Environmental Impact Statement could not avoid admitting future lives would be lost as a result of the airport.

The admission happens on pages 34 and 35 of the ‘Executive Summary’, amidst a lot of words about ‘acceptable risks’ from air, noise and water pollution coming from the airport and talk of ‘hospital admissions over 1,000 years’ as if to dismiss health fears. The EIS does not stipulate the exact range of its research nor the all-important connections between these factors and disease.

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Why We Must Stop Badgerys Creek Airport


The madness of building yet another carbon-belching airport in the Sydney Basin is becoming more apparent every day, as more and more requirements to make it work become clear and the underlying environmental hazards are spelled out. At worst we will get an aerial rubbish dump with inadequate  infrastructure and a drain on the public purse, at best 24/7 additional air and noise pollution with questionable jobs benefit and a massive increase in vehicular traffic density in western Sydney and the Blue Mountains…

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Joel McRae and Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon discuss Badgerys Creek

Badgerys Creek – Have Your Say

Joel McRae and Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon discuss Badgerys CreekThe Blue Mountains Greens are urging all residents in the Blue Mountains to make submissions on the Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek, demanding the rejection of an airport at the site, and calling for immediate development of High Speed Rail.

Senator Lee Rhiannon and Joel MacRae, Greens spokesperson for the Lower Blue Mountains, met concerned local residents to discuss ways the Blue Mountains Community can continue the campaign against the airport. Continue reading

High Speed Rail or Badgerys Creek Airport? You decide

Beyond Zero Emissions make the case for High Speed Rail over a new airportIs a noise and air polluting, environmentally destructive, corporate inspired airport the only solution to Sydney’s transport needs? Beyond Zero Emissions makes the case for a High Speed Rail alternative.  You can also download their full report.




  • 45% of Australian regional travel is contained within the proposed High Speed Rail (HSR) network corridor
  • 21 High Speed Rail stations connecting 11 regional centres and seven major cities
  • Ten minute train frequencies required during peak hours at Sydney station
  • Journey times less than three hours from the centre of Sydney CBD, to the CBD of Melbourne or Brisbane
  • 60% of Australian population within 50km of a High Speed Rail station on proposed network
  • Three million fewer domestic passengers at Sydney Airport in 2030 than current levels
  • High Speed Rail becomes the dominant mode of transport for journeys between 350 and 1,300 kilometres in length
  • Over three times more passengers are expected to travel by HSR than air within the east coast corridor in 2030
  • 100% renewable energy powered HSR allows zero emissions journeys
  • $84 billion total estimated construction cost including rolling stock, project management and contingency
  • $7 billion estimated fare revenue when fully operational in 2030
  • 40 year capital repayment from operating profits
  • 1799km of High Speed Railway requiring 81km of tunnels (4.5%)and 98km of elevated sections (5.5%)
  • Internationally, comparable HSR projects have been delivered in less than 10 years.Also visit Beyond Zero Emissions Facebook page
The ALP is split over plans to build Badgerys Creek Airport

Labor split over Badgerys Creek Airport

by Paddy Cavanagh

Members of the Blue Mountains Greens and other Blue Mountains residents concerned about the development of Badgerys Creek Airport may need to distinguish in coming months between the personal views of local ALP members on the issues and the policies that their party is promoting on the airport.

While local politicians like the Mayor have been consistent in their opposition to the Airport the State member for the Blue Mountains and the ALP’s candidate for the seat of Macquarie will have to develop a Houdini-like repertoire of contortions in attempting to reconcile personal views with the policies of the party they represent. Continue reading