Track to Old Railway. Blue Mountains Gazette – 31st August 

brent rail

Ward 2 Greens candidate Brent Hoare has called on the new council to build a walking track to an historic site in North Faulconbridge.

At the bottom of a fire trail off Highlands Road lie the site of a saw mill and a cable-driven, or funicular railway, constructed around 1910 by Henry Joyce.

Timber extracted from the Linden Creek area was milled on the site and hauled up the funicular railway,  ready to be transported to Sydney for furniture making.  See more


Rainbow Crossing to affirm values. Blue Mountains Gazette – 18th August
 rainbow crossingWard 2 Blue Mountains Greens Candidate Brent Hoare today called for the establishment of a Rainbow Crossing in Lawson to celebrate and affirm values of acceptance, diversity and pride in the Blue Mountains community. See more


Greens concerns on land clearing. Blue Mountains Gazette – 4th August 


Joel MacRae, Kerry Brown and Kate McConville, three Mountains Greens council candidates met with Greens NSW MP Mehreen Faruqi in Lapstone on Wednesday August 3 to launch the Greens’ local government plan to protect biodiversity. See more


Small businesswoman and former nurse is standing for the Greens in ward 4 – 22 July

kate faceKate McConville wants more local jobs so people don’t have to commute, and sympathetic development to maintain the low-key friendly Mountains villages. “Growing local jobs is vital to our sustainability. As one of the many commuters leaving the Mountains each day, I would prefer to work closer to home.” See More


Greens announce Kerry Brown Ward 1 council candidate – 14 July

kerry face“We should be a leader in sustainable tourism and living.  We need to get our skates on with energy efficiency, renewables, waste management, and footpaths and cycleways linking our villages. We need a strategy protecting and advancing our three major assets – our unique natural heritage, romantic built heritage including gardens, and our super-creative arts community. See More


Greens announce Brent Hoare Ward 2 council candidate – 28 July

Brent face“I would like to see our council more actively engaged in promoting renewable energy solutions to the climate crisis, and promoting more efficient use of energy in our area. Council needs to set an example in driving both the pace and scale of the transition to renewable energy that scientists are telling us must be made in order to rapidly reduce emissions and to avoid the worst projected climate disruption impacts.” See More